Hensley making history as first female golfer at Harlan County High School


Hailie Hensley is the first female golfer at Harlan County High School.

By John Henson, Managing Editor

Harlan County High School freshman Hailie Hensley will soon make history as the first girl to compete in golf at HCHS.
“I’ve been trying for years to get some girls out. Hopefully, Hailie breaking the ice will get more young ladies out in the future,” said Harlan County coach Greg Lewis. “Hailie is new to competitive golf. We’ve talked about goals and setting a timeline for her progress. She’s a very talented young lady and very athletic.”
Hensley played basketball last year at Wallins Elementary School and decided to try a new sport when she entered high school.
I decided to come out for the golf team in hopes to set an example for girls in high school or soon coming into high school and show them how many opportunities golf could bring them. I also wanted to be a good example of a Christian, not just for girls but for everyone,” Hensley said. “I am looking forward to seeing myself and my teammates accomplish new things and set some new records this year. My expectations for this season are to learn more about myself and this sport, try new things and push my limits. “
Hensley admits she still has a long way to go in learning the mental aspect of the game.
“My biggest weakness as a golfer is getting in my head after I hit a bad shot or I’m just not playing good. Golf is more of a mental sport than physical sport, and that’s what me and every other golfer need to keep in mind while playing,” she said. “As a person though, I think my biggest weakness is having the mentality that everyone has the same heart as me and that everyone is kind and wants the best for you. My greatest strength as a golfer would definitely be the willingness to want to learn more about what mistakes I make and being eager to fix what mistakes I do make in hopes to make my game better. My greatest strength as a person is being open-minded to trying new things and confidently knowing that I can work to be the best version of myself.”
Lewis has been impressed by what he’s seen from the program’s first female golfer.
“She’s not afraid of putting in the work and gets better every time she plays,” he said. “I absolutely look for Hailie to be one of the top ladies golfers in the region in a few years.”