Harlan County Elite takes second in Kingsport tournament


Harlan County Elite is comprised of sixth-graders from around the county. Team members include, from left: Aiselyn Sexton, Taylynn Napier, Vanessa Griffith, Shasta Brackett, Kelsie Middleton, Raegan Landa, Jaycee Simpson and Kenadee Sturgill; not pictured: Addy Davis. The team finished second in a tournament at Kingsport over the weekend.

Harlan County Elite, a local sixth-grade AAU team, finished second in the Kingsport TNT Spring Startup over the weekend.
Kenadee Sturgill scored 10 and Shasta Brackett added nine as HC won 31-24 over Nothing But Net.
Jaycee Simpson led HC Elite with 11 in a 28-17 victory over the Lady Stunners.
Simpson had 14 points and Brackett tossed in 10 in a 42-27 win over Nothing But Net.
Brackett scored 20 as HC Elite fell 45-36 to the Tennessee Warriors in the tournament finals.
HC Elite (31) — Kenadee Sturgill 10, Shasta Brackett 9, Taylynn Napier 6, Jaycee Simpson 4, Vanessa Griffith 2.
Nothin But Net (24) — No scoring information available.
HC Elite (28) — Jaycee Simpson 11, Vanessa Griffith 7, Taylynn Napier 4, Shasta Brackett 4, Addy Davis 2.
Lady Stunners (17) — No scoring information available.
HC Elite (42) — Jaycee Simpson 14, Shasta Brackett 10, Vanessa Griffith 8, Kelsie Middleton 4, Taylynn Napier 4, Kenadee Sturgill 2.
Nothin But Net (27) — No scoring information available.
Tennessee Warriors (45) — No scoring information available.
HC Elite (36) — Shasta Brackett 20, Vanessa Griffith 7, Jaycee Simpson 4, Taylynn Napier 3, Kelsie Middleton 2.