HCHS girls tie Knox in tennis action

Harlan Countys Lindsay Hall, pictured in action last season, teamed with Abigail Gaw for a doubles win against Knox Central.

Harlan County’s Lindsay Hall, pictured in action last season, teamed with Abigail Gaw for a doubles win against Knox Central.


The Harlan County girls played to a 5-5 tie on Thursday at Knox Central and the boys lost 6-3.
Harlan County suffered earlier losses to Corbin and Casey County.
“After defeating Harlan in our scrimmage, we have had three straight tests against Corbin, Casey County, who is not in our region, and now Knox Central. It’s a tough schedule to start with, but we have seen a lot of great things. Our team is young, but competed really well against a Knox squad that has the defending regional singles champion on it,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “Abigail Gaw and Lindsay Hall came up big and gained the extra set edge against Knox overall in their doubles win against Knox Central’s No. 1 doubles. Elijah Moore and Laura Ball brought some solid wins. Some of our new players (Sophie Day, Bailee Jones and Connor Cress) got their first ever win. We definitely need to improve on some singles and fix simple mistakes to be able to come up big against the tougher opponents in the 13th Region. This test will only make us better come tournament time.”
HCHS fell to Casey County 6-0 in girls action and 5-1 in boys with Elijah Moore claiming the only win for the Bears. Harlan County lost 6-0 to Corbin in both boys and girls action.
Harlan County travels to Oneida Baptist on Saturday for a 2:30 p.m. match.
Knox Central 6, Harlan County 3
1. A. Smith (KC) def. Calan Neely (HC), 8-0
2. T. Smith (KC) def. Steven Fee (HC), 8-0
3. Elijah Moore (HC) def. N. Partin (KC), 8-2
4. H. Payne (KC) def. Josh Stewart (HC), 7-6 (7-5)
5. N. Perkins (KC) def. Trey Ball (HC), 7-6 (7-5)
6. Connor Cress (HC) def. N. Perkins (KC), 6-1
1. Smith/Payne (KC) def. Fee/Moore (HC), 8-1
2. Smith/Partin (KC) def. Neely/Stewart (HC), 8-4
3. Ball/Cress (HC) def. Perkins/Mills (KC), 6-2

Harlan County 5, Knox Central 5
1. T. Payne (KC) def. Lindsay Hall (HC), 8-3
2. L. Mills (KC) def. Abigail Gaw (HC), 8-0
3. S. Partin (KC) def. Kalista Dunn (HC), 8-2
4. E. McDonald (KC) def. Kaitlyn Daniels (HC), 8-4
5. Laura Ball (HC) def. K. Smith (KC), 8-3
6. Sophie Day (HC) def. L. Jordan (KC), 8-1
7. Bailee Jones (HC) def. N. Patel (KC), 6-1
1. Hall/Gaw (HC) def. Mills/Partin (KC), 6-3, 6-4
2. Payne/McDonald (KC) def. Dunn/Daniels (HC), 8-0
3. Ball/Day (HC) def. Patel/Jordan (KC), 8-0

Corbin 6, Harlan County 0
1. Kaiden Walden (C) def. L. Hall (HC), 8-2
2. Allison Lundy (C) def. A. Gaw (HC), 8-1
3. Abby Lunsford (C) def. K. Dunn (HC), 8-2
1. Lundy/Lunsford (C) def. Gaw/Hall (HC), 6-4, 7-5
2. Haley Carr/Mary Alice McVey (C) def. Dunn/Daniels (HC), 8-1
3. Karlee Dickerson/Addison Bingham (C) def. Ball/Day (HC), 8-2

Corbin 5, Harlan County 0
1. T. Marcum (C) def. Calan Neely (HC), 8-1
2. S. Patil (C) def. Steven Fee (HC), 8-0
3. C. Middleton (C) def. Elijah Moore (HC), 8-0
1. B. Mynatt/J. Frazier (C) def. S. Fee/E. Moore (HC), 8-0
2. S. Patil/C. Middleton (C) def. C. Neely/J. Stewart (HC), 8-2