HC, Bell split matches in tennis action


Harlan County’s Kalista Dunn helped lead the Lady Bears to a 5-4 win Tuesday over Bell County.

The Harlan County girls edged Bell County 5-4 in tennis action Tuesday while the boys team fell 5-4.
Abigail Gaw and Laura Ball were winners in singles action while the three HC doubles teams swept their matches to edge the Lady Cats.
Steven Fee and Josh Stewart won singles matches for the HC boys. Harlan County won both doubles matches.
“I’m very proud of the effort I saw in tonight’s matches,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “The boys had a real shot of earning that final match point with singles but came up short in a few games. I was really impressed with the boys doubles play. Girls came up big in doubles, and I was happy to come out with a win. Bell County has a good squad and I am proud of how we fought the adversity. The challenging matches we have played so far paid off with a lot of come from behind wins for the girls today.”


Harlan County 5, Bell County 4


1. E. Winkler (BC) def. Kalista Dunn (HC), 6-2, 6-1

2. M. Gambrel (BC) def. Lindsay Hall (HC), 8-2

3. Abigail Gaw (HC) def. K. Gambrel (BC), 8-2

4. Laura Ball (HC) def. M. Allen (BC), 8-6

5. M. Allen (BC) def. K. Daniels (HC), 8-6

6. C. Wagner (BC) def. Sophie Day (HC), 8-3

Extra Match

7. E. Gambrel (BC) def. Bailee Jones (HC) 8-1


1. Hall/Gaw (HC) def. M. Gambrel/Allen (BC), 6-4, 6-2

2. Dunn/Daniels (HC) def. K. Gambrel/M. Allen (BC), 9-7

3. Ball/Day def C. Wagner/E. Gambrel (BC), 9-7


Bell County 5, Harlan County 4


I. Ingram (BC) def. Calan Neely (HC), 8-4
Steven Fee (HC) def. C. Wilder (BC), 8-4
A. Robbins (BC) def. Elijah Moore (HC), 9-8 (8-6)
E. Sampson (BC) def. Josh Stewart (HC), 8-4
J. Stigal (BC) def. Connor Cress (HC), 8-1
Josh Stewart (HC) def. P. Elliott (BC), 8-0
J. Saylor (BC) def. Connor Cress (HC) 8-1


Fee/Moore (HC) def. Robbins/Wilder (BC), 8-6
Neely/Stewart (HC) def. Sampson/Ingram (BC), 8-6