HCHS sweeps Harlan in tennis action


Kaitlyn Daniels

Harlan County swept a tennis match Monday at Harlan, winning 6-3 in the boys match and 9-0 in girls action.
“I’m proud of our teams to come out and perform and stay in tune with what I have taught during practice,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. :We have a big week of matches before spring break. Our younger players got some good lessons today which will help them grow. Coach (Greg) Eden’s has a young squad and some talented players who are going to develop into great players over time. It’s good to see Harlan have their tennis program back and restart the matches between our two schools in the county.”
Harlan County plays host to Letcher Central on Tuesday.
Harlan County 6, Harlan 3
1 Calan Neely (HC) def. Tristan Burgan (H), 8-0
2 Steven Fee (HC) def. Sayed Dana’s (H), 8-2
3 Elijah Moore (HC) def. Kelson Napier (H), 8-0
4 Josh Stewart (HC) def. Cameron Reynolds (H), 8-2
5 Derek Pruitt (H) def. Trey Ball (HC), 9-7
6 Murtaza Hassain (H) def. Connor Cress (HC), 8-1

1 Fee/Moore (HC) def. Napier/Pruitt (H), 8-2
2 Neely/Stewart (HC) def. Burgan/Reynolds (H), 8-2
3 Damaa/Hassain (H) def. Ball/Cress (HC), 8-2

Harlan County 9, Harlan 0
1 Kalista Dunn (HC) def. Hanna Pace (H), 8-0
2 Lindsay Hall (HC) def. Miranda Brock (H), 8-0
3 Abigail Gaw (HC) def. A. Gross (H), 8-0
4 Laura Ball (HC) def. Di’mond Turner (H), 8-0
5 Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) def. Maria Ball (H), 8-0
6 Sophie Day (HC) def. K. Blanton (H), 8-2

1 Hall/Gaw (HC) def. Brock/Gross (H), 8-1
2 Dunn/Daniels (HC) def. Ball/Pace (H), 8-0
3 Jones/Day (HC) def. Hall/Sajnani (H), 8-2