HCHS sweeps Letcher in tennis action


Elijah Moore

Harlan County swept a pair of matches Tuesday against Letcher Central, edging the Cougars 5-4 in boys action and winning 7-2 in girls action.
“It was a great win for our boys and girls tonight. We pulled one out on the boys side after falling behind in singles. Our one and two doubles played great tennis tonight. Letcher is typically at the top of their region, so our boys got some good competition in tonight,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “I’m proud of our girls and the way they are playing right now. It was great tennis from each of them tonight. We are only going to continue growing. I’m proud of our teams.”


Harlan County 5, Letcher Central 4


Calan Neely (HC) def. J. Cornett (LCC), 8-2
Steven Fee (HC) def. K. Potter (LCC), 8-0
Elijah Moore (HC) def. L. Hampton (LCC), 8-5
S. Holbrook (LCC) def. Josh Stewart (HC), 8-5
C. Amburgy (LCC) def. Trey Ball (HC), 8-3
A. Lawson (LCC) def. Connor Cress (HC), 8-4


Trey Ball (HC) def. D. Howard, (LCC) 4-0


Fee/Moore (HC) def. Hampton/ Holbrook (LCC) 8-3
Neely/Stewart (HC) def. Amburgy/Potter (LCC) 8-4
Cornett/Lawson (LCC) def. Ball/Cress (HC), 8-0


Harlan County 7, Letcher Central 2


M. Creech (LCC) def. Kalista Dunn (HC), 8-4
Lindsay Hall (HC) def. S. Ebezer (LCC), 8-4
Abigail Gaw (HC) def. S. Smith (LCC),8-2
Laura Ball (HC) def. T. Baker (LCC), 8-4
Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) def. K. Nichols (LCC), 8-0
N. Rice (LCC) def. S. Day (HC), 8-1


Hall/Gaw (HC) def. Smith/Rice (LCC), 8-3
Dunn/Daniels (HC) def. Warf/Howard (LCC), 8-3
Jones/Day (HC) def. Ward/Hutton (LCC), 9-8 (7-4)