HCHS splits tennis match against visiting Clay


Kim Henson

Harlan County’s Sophie Day won her match Thursday against Clay County as the Lady Bears claimed a 6-3 victory as a team.


Harlan County split two matches Thursday against visiting Clay County, winning 6-3 on the girls side and losing 7-2 in the boys match.
“It was a good win for our girls tonight. We played some good tennis from the three seed down,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “Kalista Dunn and Lindsay Hall had some tough challenges in singles, which was hard to overcome. Abigail and Lindsay did all they could in their doubles matchup, but was just outclassed by a good Clay County doubles squad. The boys had an off-night tonight. Hats off to Clay’s boys team for playing a good match. We will take this as learning experience on the boys side.”


Harlan County 6, Clay County 3


1. E. Radar (CC) def. Kalista Dunn (HC), 0-6 1-6

2. R. Davidson (CC) def. Lindsay Hall (HC), 1-8

3. Abigail Gaw (HC) def. A. Hinkle (CC),8-2

4. Laura Ball (HC) def. I. Turner (CC), 8-2

5. Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) def. A. Lipps (CC), 8-0

6. Sophie Day (HC) def. L. Fields (CC), 8-2


1. Raider/Davidson (CC) def. Hall/Gaw (HC), 3-6 2-6

2. Dunn/Daniels (HC) def. Hinkle/Turner (CC), 8-1

3. Jones/Day (HC) def. Lipps/Fields (CC), 8-1


Clay County 7, Harlan County 2


1. J. Jackson (CC) def. Calan Neely (HC), 5-7 2-6

2. E. Coots (CC) def. Steven Fee (HC), 4-8

3. Elijah Moore (HC) def. N. Higgins (CC), 8-0

4. J. Finley (CC) def. Josh Stewart (HC),

5. L. Higgins (CC) def. Braden Engle (HC), 3-8

6. S. Fields (CC) def. Trey Ball (HC), 1-8


1. Jackson/Finley (CC) def. Moore/Fee (HC) , 2-8

2. Neely/Stewart (HC) def. Higgins/Fields (CC), 8-5

3. Taylor/Coots (CC) def. Engle/Ball (HC) , 5-8