HC, South split in tennis action


Kim Henson

Harlan County’s Abigail Gaw was a 7-5 winner Thursday in her match against South Laurel.

The Harlan County girls defeated South Laurel 6-3 and the boys fell 8-1 in tennis action Thursday. The girls improved to 14-7 with the win while the Harlan County boys fell to 11-10.
“I am extremely proud of the regular season that our teams have had with winning seasons. Another successful regular season is in the books. Most matches we have ever played. Our girls tie the record for most wins at 14. I’m excited to see our teams perform in the regional tournament and all of the great competition that will be faced,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “I’m proud of each of our seniors for all of the effort they have put into the season. Two of my seniors, Lindsay Hall and Abigail Gaw, both were down in their matches but climbed back to win. Abigail came back from 5-0 to win the match 7-5. All of the girls played really well. The resiliency is unmatched and the will to win has always been there. Steven Fee played really well in doubles with Elijah Moore despite losing. We were without another senior, Braden Engle, today, but he has had great matches the last few weeks. Calan Neely and Josh clinched our only win for the boys. I love each of our seniors and I’m going to miss them tremendously, but the job isn’t done. We know the goal and that is to send players to state.”
The 13th Region Tournament will open May 17 at the University of the Cumberlands.


Harlan County def. South Laurel, 6-3


Kalista Dunn (HC) def. C. Durham (SL), 8-1

Lindsay Hall (HC) def. T. Bowling (SL), 8-5

Abigail Gaw (HC) def. M. Finley (SL), 7-5

E. Singleton (SL) def. Kaitlyn Daniels (HC), 6-4

Laura Ball (HC) def. B. Clontz (SL), 6-4

C. Fawbush (SL) def. Bailee Jones (HC), 6-1


Hall/Gaw (HC) def. Durham/Finley (SL), 8-3

Mills/Fawbush (SL) def. Dunn/Sophie Day (HC), 6-3

Daniels/Ball (HC) def. Contz/Allen (SL), 6-3


South Laurel def. Harlan County, 8-1


W. Wager (SL) def. Calan Neely (HC), 8-0

J. Parman (SL) def. Elijah Moore (HC), 8-2

K. Kemper (SL) def. Steven Fee (HC), 6-1

D. Campbell (SL) def. Joshua Stewart (HC), 6-2

L. Brown (SL) def. Connor Cress (HC), 6-0

P. Huffman (SL) def. Billy Ball (HC), 6-0


Parman/Campbell (SL) def. Fee/Moore (HC), 8-3

Neely/Stewart (HC) def. Buckles/Bargo (SL), 6-3

Hostettler/Huffman (SL) def. Cress/Ball (HC), 6-3

The Harlan County High School tennis seniors were honored Friday. Those pictured, from left, include assistant coach Erica Moore, Lindsay Hall, Abigail Gaw, assistant coach Angie Lewis, Braden Engle, Steven Fee and coach Caleb Bailey.