HCHS boys edge Letcher in tennis action


Les Nicholson

Harlan County’s Tony Reynolds won his singles match Saturday to help the Black Bears claim a team win.

Cody Clayborn helped lead Harlan County to a win on Saturday at Letcher Central as he won his singles match. (Les Nicholson)

The Harlan County boys claimed a 5-4 win and the girls played to a 4-4 tie in a tennis match Saturday at Letcher Central.

“This is our first non-regional matchup for our team in a few seasons. Letcher is at the top in their region, so for us to compete with another region at the level we did today proves how much better we have improved,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “We had one of our girls out today and that hurt us in the girls matchup. We have to correct some simple mistakes that we are making and we will be where we need to be. Boys played a lot better today. Overall, this was a great day and great win for our programs.”

Tony Reynolds (HC) defeats Zach Hall (LCC) 8-6
Cody Clayborn (HC) defeats Hayden Bentley (LCC) 8-2
Sawyer Cornett (HC) lost to Justin Polly (LCC) 3-8
Chandler Smith (HC) lost to Wyatt Ison (LCC) 7-9
Calan Neely (HC) defeated Wyatt Ison (LCC) 8-1
Steven Fee (HC) defeated Jackson Cornett (LCC) 8-0
Reynolds/Clayborn (HC) lost to Polly/Ison (LCC) 6-8
Cornett/Smith (HC) lost to Hall/Bentley (LCC) 6-8
Neely/Engle (HC) defeated Ison/Cornett (LCC)

Amber Lewis (HC) lost to Gracie Hatton (LCC) 4-8
Lindsay Hall (HC) defeated Haley Howard (LCC) 8-5
Abigail Gaw (HC) lost to Mallory Miles (LCC) 5-8
Laura Ball (HC) lost to Madison Fugate (LCC) 0-8
Lindsay Hall (HC) defeated Maddie Creech (LCC) 8-2
Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated Heather Ateman (LCC) 8-1
Hall/Gaw (HC) defeated Hatton/Howard (LCC) 9-8 (10-8)
Lewis/Ball (HC) lost to Miles/Fugate (LCC) 2-8