HC girls sweep Bell in tennis action


Les Nicholson

Lindsay Hall was a winner in both singles and doubles as Harlan County swept Bell County 9-0 on Monday.

The Harlan County girls rolled to a 9-0 while the boys fell 5-4 in tennis action Monday against Bell County.
The results included:

1. Amber Lewis (HC) defeats Gracie Hammontree (BC) 8-5
2. Lindsay Hall (HC) defeats Kiley Gambrel 8-4
3. Abigail Gaw (HC) defeats Emily South (BC) 6-0
4. Jaya Wilhelmy (HC) defeats Kenna Gambrel (BC) 6-0
5. Laura Ball (HC) defeats Paige Frye (BC) 6-1
6. Default

1. Hall/Gaw (HC) defeats Gambrel/Hammontree (BC) 8-1
2. Lewis/Wilhelmy (HC) defeats Gambrel/South (BC) 6-0
3. Default

1. Tony Reynolds (HC) lost to Hunter Lawson (BC) 4-8
2. Cody Clayborn (HC) defeated Dylan Franks (BC) 8-3
3. Sawyer Cornett (HC) lost to Ethan Smith (BC) 0-6
4. Chandler Smith (HC) defeated Blake Sexton 6-1
5. Calan Neely (HC) defeated CJ Wilder (BC) 6-2
6. Steven Fee (HC) defeated Eric Sampson (BC) 6-0

1. Reynolds/Clayborn (HC) lost to Lawson/Wild (BC) 8-9 (4-7)
2. Smith/Cornett (HC) lost to Franks/Smith (BC) 3-6
3. Neely/Fee (HC) lost to Sexton/Smith (BC) 3-6

“I’m very proud of the way our girls came out to play today,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “We played a lot smarter in doubles than we did against Letcher. Abigail (Gaw) and Lindsay (Hall) are getting regional wins at the one doubles spot and that’s important when it comes to seeding. Amber (Lewis) and Jaya (Wilhelmy) played really good today. Amber added another win at the one seed in singles and played smart. Laura (Ball) really impressed me at the 5 spot today with her win. Another good win and great day for our girls teams.
“Our boys had the match won until doubles. We made way too many mistakes in the doubles matchups to win. Simple mistakes. Cody and Tony fought to a tiebreaker at the one doubles spot and fell just short. Smith/Cornett had multiple opportunities to change the match and Engle/Neely came down to not having any sunlight on the courts. We will be OK. I’m proud of our teams.”