HCHS tennis teams defeat Middlesboro


Kim Henson

Harlan County’s Amber Lewis was an 8-0 winner in her match Tuesday against Bell County.

The Harlan County tennis team split a pair of matches recently, defeating Middlesboro on Tuesday after losing to Knox Central on Thursday.
“It was a good day of tennis for both of our teams. The girls and boys both picked up a nice program win against Middlesboro,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “We knew the things we needed to pick up on and get corrected heading into this matchup after tough matches against North Laurel and Knox Central.”
HCHS returns to action Thursday at Bell County
HC Lady Bears (8-3) defeat Middlesboro 8-1

Lindsay Hall (HC) defeated C. Spade (M) 8-3

Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated O. Johnson (M) 8-2

Amber Lewis (HC) defeated M. Green (M) 8-0

Kalista Dunn (HC) defeated A. Evans (M) 8-0

Laura Ball (HC) was defeated by O. Johnson (M) 1-6

Kaitlyn Daniels(HC) wins by default

Hall/Gaw (HC) defeated Spade/Green (M) 8-2

Lewis/Ball (HC) defeated Johnson/Evans (M) 8-3

Dunn/Daniels (HC) win by default

HC boys (6-5) defeat Middlesboro 6-3

Calan Neely (HC) defeated C. Adkins (M) 8-4

Chandler Smith (HC) was defeated by P. Sin (M) 2-8

Sawyer Cornett (HC) defeated T. Brooks (M) 8-4

Steven Fee (HC) defeated I. Ramsay (M) 8-0

Joshua Stewart (HC) defeated C. Rice (M) 8-1

Trey Ball (HC) wins by default


Fee/Neely (HC) was defeated by Adkins/Sin (M) 3-8

Moore/Engle (HC) was defeated by Brooks/Ramsay (M) 3-8

Ball/Stewart (HC) win by default


HC Lady Bears lose 6-3 to Knox Central

Amber Lewis (HC) was defeated by T. Payne (KC) 0-8

Lindsay Hall (HC) was defeated by L. Mills (KC) 5-8

Abigail Gaw (HC) was defeated by S. Partin (KC) 3-8

Kalista Dunn (HC) was defeated by J. Hubbard (KC) 4-6

Laura Ball (HC) defeated E. McDonald (KC) 6-3

Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) defeated E. Frost (KC) 6-1

Hall/Gaw (HC) was defeated by Payne/Mills (KC) 3-6, 2-6

Ball/Lewis (HC) was defeated by Partin/Barnhill (KC) 5-8

Dunn/Daniels (HC) defeated McDonald/Smith (KC) 6-4

HC Black Bears lose 9-0 to Knox Central

Calan Neely (HC) was defeated by A. Smith (KC) 0-8

Sawyer Cornett (HC) was defeated by C. Abner (KC) 0-8

Chandler Smith (HC) was defeated by B. Bingham (KC) 2-8

Steven Fee (HC) was defeated by L. Mills (KC) 1-6

Elijah Moore (HC) was defeated by M. Mills (KC) 1-6

Braden Engle (HC) was defeated by H. Payne (HC) 4-6


Neely/Fee (HC) was defeated by Abner/Bingham (KC) 1-8

Cornett/Smith (HC) was defeated by Smith/Payne (KC) 0-6

Ball/Stewart (HC) was defeated by Mills/Mills (KC) 0-8