HCHS girls edge Knox Central in tennis action


Harlan County’s Amber Lewis was a winner as the Lady Bears edged Knox Central.

The Harlan County Lady Bears earned perhaps their biggest win of the season Thursday with a 5-4 victory at Knox Central.
“Wow, what a win on the road for our girls squad. We’ve had a great week with a win on Monday and great practices leading up to this top matchup in the region. We beat a top 3-4 team tonight in the region, and I am super proud of our squad,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “We’re making the right strides at the right time.”
The HCHS boys fell 7-2 to the Panthers.
The boys had some really bright spots tonight. I’m proud of the all around team effort,” Bailey said. “These kids work so hard and this win was deserving for how hard they work. Tonight it showed.”
Both teams return to action Friday against North Laurel.

HC Lady Bears (11-3) defeat Knox Central 5-4


T. Payne (KC) defeats L. Ball (HC) 3-8

L. Mills (KC) defeats K. Dunn (HC) 1-6

L. Hall (HC) defeats J. Hubbard (KC) 6-0

A. Gaw (HC)defeats H. Barnhill (KC) 6-4

A. Lewis (HC) defeats E. Frost (KC) 6-1

K. Daniels (HC) defeats Smith (KC) 6-0


Hall/Gaw (HC) defeat Partin/Barnhill (KC) 6-4/2-6/10-2

Payne/Mills (KC) defeat L. Ball/Lewis 1-8

Frost/Hubbard (KC) defeat Dunn/Daniels 0-6


HC Black Bears (6-6) lost 7-2 to Knox Central


A. Smith (KC) defeats S. Cornett (HC) 0-8

B. Bingham (KC) defeats C. Smith (HC) 0-8

L. Mills (KC) defeats C. Neely (HC) 9-8(2-7)

M. Mills (KC) defeats E. Moore (HC) 0-8

J. Stewart (HC) defeats H. Payne (KC) 6-0

A. Ledford (KC) defeats T. Ball (HC) 1-6


Smith/Bingham (KC) defeat Stewart/Moore (HC) 8-0

Mills/Mills (KC) defeat Neely/Smith 0-8

T.Ball/Cornett (HC) defeat Payne/Ledford (KC) 8-6