County basketball panoramas set for Aug. 5-6


at Harlan County High School

Aug. 5 (Grades 4-6)

Game 1- James A. Cawood vs Black Mountain (5 p.m)
Game 2- Rosspoint vs Wallins (6 p.m.)
Game 3- Cawood vs Cumberland (7 p.m.)
Game 4- James A. Cawood vs Evarts (8 p.m.)


Aug. 6 (Grades 7-8)

Game 1- Rosspoint vs Cumberland (10 a.m.)
Game 2- Black Mountain vs Cawood (11 a.m.)
Game 3- Wallins vs Evarts (Noon)
Game 4- Rosspoint vs James A. Cawood (1 p.m.)

-Each game will be two 15 minute quarters, running clock. The clock will only stop the last two minutes of the second quarter.

-Each team will be given the full amount of timeouts.
-6 minute warmups and 8 minute halftime.