HCHS splits tennis match against Clay


Chris Jones

Harlan County’s Lindsay Hall, pictured in action earlier this season, was back in action Monday as the Lady Bears edged Clay County 5-4.

The Harlan County girls edged visiting Clay County 5-4 while the HCHS boys fell 9-0 in tennis action Monday.
“It was a nice win for the girls tonight. I expected coming in that Clay would come in fighting harder to try to pull the win off. Luckily, we pulled the win out and faced the adversity,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “Our boys played out of lineup tonight, so each player from two down bumped up one level in competition and faced a challenge. I was proud of the effort they showed even in defeat. They were contending in points. The effort is all I can ask for and much experience is gained for our players.”


Harlan County def. Clay County, 5-4

E. Raider (C) def. Lindsay Hall (HC), 8-0
R. Davidson (C) def. Abigail Gaw (HC), 8-1
Kalista Dunn (HC) def. S. Adams (C), 8-0
Laura Ball (HC) def. A. Hinkle (C), 8-2
Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) def. I. Turner (C), 8-0
L. Fields (C) def. Sophie Day (HC), 9-7


A. Hinkle (C) def. Bailee Jones (HC), 6-1


Raider/Davidson (C) def. Hall/Gaw (HC), 6-4, 6-1
Dunn/Daniels (HC) def. Adams/Hinkle (C), 8-2
Daniels/Day (HC) def. Turner/Fields (C), 8-0


Clay County def. Harlan County, 9-0

J. Begley (C) def. Calan Neely (HC), 8-3
J. Jackson (C) def. Elijah Moore (HC), 8-1
E. Coots (C) def. Josh Stewart (HC), 8-4
N. Higgins (C) def. Connor Cress (HC), 8-1
J. Finley (C) def. Trey Ball (HC), 8-0
S. Fields (C) def. Josh Stewart (HC), 8-1

Begley/Jackson (C) def. Neely/Moore (HC), 8-2
Fields/Higgins (C) def. Stewart/Cress (HC), 8-2
Finley/Coots (C) def. Cress/Ball (HC), 8-2