Harlan County sweeps Bell in tennis action


Chris Jones

Harlan County’s Calan Neely, pictured in action earlier this season, was one of the winners for the Bears on Thursday as HCHS swept Bell County.


Harlan County swept Bell County in tennis action Thursday, winning 7-2 in the girls match and 3-2 in the boys match.
“I’m extremely proud of both boys and girls teams for their performances. We’re hitting the right strides at the right time of the season right before the regional tournament. I was extremely proud of our seniors, Abigail Gaw and Lindsay Hall, for their performance tonight. We needed them to be aggressive and consistent in this match and that result showed. All of the girls played very well. Kalista Dunn hit the ball great. Laura Ball played a good match. Kaitlyn Daniels, Bailee Jones and Sophie Day all played great matches,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “The boys played really well in their matches, and I saw a lot of improvement in their shot making ability. Calan pulled one out from 3 love to win 8-3. Josh Stewart came from behind and won his match. Elijah Moore played very well and hit some good forehands. I’m proud of these Black Bears.”


Harlan County defeated Bell County, 7-2

E. Winkler (BC) def. Lindsay Hall (HC), 8-1
Kalista Dunn (HC) def. M. Allen (BC), 6-2
Abigail Gaw (HC) def. K. Gambrel (BC), 6-1
Laura Ball (HC) def. C. Wagner (BC), 6-4
Kaitlyn Daniels (HC) def. K. Cupp (BC), 6-0
Bailee Jones (HC) def. M. Hacker (BC), 6-0


Hall/Gaw (HC) def. Gambrel/Allen (BC), 8-2
Winkler/Wagner (BC) def. Dunn/Daniels (HC), 8-3
Jones/Day (HC) def. Helton/Cupp (BC), 6-3

Harlan Co. defeated Bell County 3-2



Calan Neely (HC) def. A. Robbins (BC), 8-3
C. Wider (BC) def. Elijah Moore (HC), 6-4
Josh Stewart (HC) def. J. Stigal (BC), 7-2
Elijah Moore (HC) def. P. Elliot (BC), 6-0


Stigal/Wider (BC) def. Neely/Stewart (HC), 8-6