Harlan County sweeps HHS in tennis action

The Harlan County High School tennis teams swept Harlan on Monday and tied Letcher Central 4-4 in a girls match at HCHS.
“This was our first time hosting a regular season triple header event at our school besides hosting the regional tournament in 2015,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said. “Our teams played very well and competed with a very good team from a different region. Some girls had to play twice due to our team dealing with some injuries and stepped up in a big way. We got some very big wins today and I couldn’t be more proud of our squad. Eventually hosting a tournament whether that be midseason or postseason would be something I would love to see for our program.”

Harlan County vs HHS

1. Steven Fee (HC) defeated Spencer Cornett (H) 8-0

Harlan County boys defeat Harlan 1-0

1. Lindsay Hall (HC) defeated Doneisha Harriston (H) 8-0
2. Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated Audrey Gross (H) 6-0
3. Jaya Wilhelmy (HC) defeated Salena Amro (H) 8-0
4. Laura Ball (HC) defeated Olivia Helton (H) 6-0
1. Hall/Gaw (HC) defeated Shelton/Brock (H) 8-0
2. Ball/Wilhelmy (HC) defeat Lawson/Helton (H) 6-0

Harlan County girls defeat Harlan 6-0

Harlan County vs Letcher Central

1. Lindsay Hall (HC) lost to Hayley Howard (LCC) 6-8
2. Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated Gracie Hatton (LCC) 8-4
3. Jaya Wilhelmy (HC) defeated Mallory Miller (LCC) 9-8 (7-5)
4. Laura Ball (HC) lost to Madison Fugate (LCC) 1-8
5. Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated Madison Creech (LCC) 6-2
6. Laura Ball (HC) defeated Heather Akemon (LCC) 6-2
1. Hall/Gaw (HC) lost to Howard/Hatton (LCC) 4-6
2. Ball/Wilhelmy (HC) lost to Miller/Fugate (LCC) 1-6

Harlan County girls tied Letcher Central 4-4