HCHS girls edge Knox Central in tennis action


Chris Jones

Harlan County’s Lindsey Hall returned a shot in Thursday’s match against visiting Knox Central. The Lady Bears claimed a 5-4 victory.

Harlan County senior Cody Clayborn competed in tennis action Thursday against visiting Knox Central. (Chris Jones)

Avenging a loss from earlier in the season, the Harlan County Lady Bears edged visiting Knox Central 5-4 on Thursday.
“I couldn’t be more proud of our team’s performance and improvements from the first time we battled Knox. I think tonight we showed how much better we have gotten. Tonight was great experience for the regional tournament with some of our top players getting to play two out of three set matches,” Harlan County coach Caleb Bailey said.
The HCHS boys dropped a 9-1 decision.
“Braden Engle was our only win on the boys side, and he played a very good match,” Bailey said. “Knox is probably right behind Corbin in the region. They’re just good all around. I’m proud of our squad and the improvements we have made. I am loving the direction our program is heading in.”


Laura Ball (HC) lost to Lilly Jones (KC) 1-8
Lindsay Hall (HC) lost to Hope McLendon (KC) 3-8
Abigail Gaw (HC) defeated Jimberly Hubbard (KC) 8-6
Jaya Wilhelmy (HC) defeated Madison Payne (KC) 8-2
Lindsay Hall (HC) defeated Alyssa Patel (KC) 8-0
Laura Ball (HC) defeated R. Partin (KC) 6-2


Hall/Gaw (HC) lost to Payne/Mills (KC) 4-6, 4-6
Ball/Wilhelmy (HC) lost to Barnhill/Partin (KC) 4-8
Gaw/Wilhelmy (HC) defeated Payne/Mills (KC) 8-4

Harlan County defeated Knox Central 5-4



Steven Fee (HC) lost to Alex Smith (KC) 0-8
Calan Neely (HC) lost to Caleb Abner (KC) 1-8
Cody Clayborn (HC) lost to Brendan Bingham (KC) 3-8
Tony Reynolds (HC) lost to Kobe Amber (KC) 0-8
Chandler Smith (HC) lost to Will Adams (KC) 0-8
Sawyer Cornett (HC) lost to Ethan Mills (KC) 1-8
Braden Engle (HC) defeated Hayden Payne (KC) 8-1

Clayborn/Reynolds (HC) lost to Abner/Bingham (KC) 0-6, 4-6
Neely/Engle (HC) lost to Mills/Payne (KC) 3-8
Smith/Cornett (HC) lost to Abner/Smith (KC) 0-8

Knox Central defeated Harlan County 9-1