Panthers win shootout over Harlan


Brendon Miller

Kaleb McLendon led Harlan with 21 points in a 95-69 loss Friday at Pikeville.

Facing one of the 15th Region’s top teams on the road, Harlan was unable to match the firepower of the Pikeville offense in falling 95-69 on Friday.
Junior guard Rylee Samons scored 27 to lead the 5-0 Panthers. Senior forward Nick Robinson scored 24 and senior guard Laithan Hall added 19.
The 3-2 Dragons were led by junior guard Kaleb McLendon with 21 points. Jordan Akal and Jaedyn Gist added 20 points each.
Pikeville rolled to a 64-33 win in junior varsity action as freshman guard Cameron Roberts led the Panthers with 15 points. Josh Hughes scored 14 and Charlie Fitzer added 10.
Trent Cole led the 0-1 Dragons with 10 points. Matthew Pennington scored nine Dylan Cox and Nate Montanaro chipped in with three each. Darius Akal, Tristan Burgan, Connor Daniels and Derek Pruitt added two each.