Lunsford, Lady Bears win first home meet of season


Scott Warren

Harlan County sophomore Peyton Lunsford won the first home meet of the season at HCHS on Tuesday with a time of 21:48.41.

By Abby Sherman, Contributing Writer

The Harlan County girls cross country team claimed their first win of the season Tuesday in an all-comers meet at home. The Lady Bears were led by sophomore Peyton Lunsford, who won the girls race with a time of 21:48.41.

Preslee Hensley finished eighth and posted a time of 24:56.06, while Sophie Day finished 17th with a time of 26:09.00. Other finishers for the Harlan County girls were Kendall Brock (22nd, 27:27.75), Aliyah Deleon (24th, 27:40.59), Kylie Jones (25th, 27:42.93), Olivia Kelly (27th, 27:51.28), Addi Gray (39th, 30:07.47) and Lainey Garrett (48th, 31:17.31).

The Lady Bears defeated second-place Williamsburg by 17 points. Lynn Camp finished third.


Chloe Schwenke led Harlan, finishing 18th with a time of 26:11.90. Mia Pace (27:09.00) finished 21st, and Abbigaile Jones (28:36.31) came in 31st.


Harlan County’s varsity boys finished second, behind Bell County.

Andrew Yeary led Harlan County, finishing second overall with a time of 18:47.78. Tanner Daniels (19:03.18) was fourth. Rounding out the results were Jacob Schwenke (15th, 20:10.88), Kaden Boggs (19th, 20:32.65), Elijah Moore (20th, 20:34.52), Austin Crain (26th, 21:42.69), Caleb Schwenke (30th, 22:20.53), DaShaun Smith (40th, 23:37.87) and Jonavan Rigney (62nd, 28:33.97).


Harlan finished sixth in the boys race, led by Dylan Cox (18th, 20:29.31). Brayden Howard finished 39th with a time of 23:37.37, while Evan Bargo finished 59th with a time of 27:28.62. Other finishers were Sayed Damaa (61st, 28:22.18), Connor Collins (66th, 31:53.69) and Seth Coogle (68th, 33:19.69).


The Harlan girls and Harlan County boys elementary squads won their respective races.

Priscilla Stewart led Harlan, finishing third with a time of 11:05.66. Zoe Lawson (11:33.66) and Cora Jones (11:34.00) finished fifth and sixth, respectively. Rounding out the results were Addison Sanford (9th, 11:54.15), Mckenzie Petrey (11th, 12:06.41), Lillian Daniels (16th, 13:44.28), Megan Lewis (19th, 14:15.03), Rebecca Adams (25th, 15:17.53), Blair Bryson (26th, 15:24.53), Julianne Miller (27th, 15:31.66), Sophia Damaa (32nd, 16:39.57), Hannah Adams (34th, 16:43.56), Natalie Adams (36th, 16:53.12), Meredith Lawson (37th, 17:06.47), Miley Cobb (42nd, 17:45.28), Arianna Raleigh (43rd, 18:12.50), Alexis Middleton (45th, 18:47.18), Chasity Middleton (46th, 18:49.72), Briley Cobb (48th, 19:56.53), Everly Freyer (49th, 20:28.91), Tori Wattenberger (53rd, 23:25.31) and Arwen Lemaster (54th, 23:44.25).


Harlan County’s elementary girls finished third, behind Corbin.

Jaycee Simpson was the overall winner, breaking the girls elementary school record with a time of 10:20.59. Anna Gross finished eighth with a time of 11:46.18, while Isabella Burkhart finished 17th, posting a time of 14:05.27. Other finishers included Savannah Fuson (20th, 14:44.88), Alice Gross (22nd, 14:52.75), Ella Brock (24th, 15:05.15), Charlotte Mitchell (29th, 16:08.72), Nevaeh Perkins (30th, 16:11.15), Paisleigh Asher (35th, 16:49.31), Peyton Sherman (38th, 17:10.52), Evva Hensley (39th, 17:14.96), Madelyn Craig (40th, 17:20.31) and Nevaeh Stone (50th, 21:17.56).


Nathan Barger led the Harlan County boys, finishing third with a time of 10:13.15. He was followed immediately by Trey Creech (10:19.69) and Hutton Sherman (10:20.72). Other finishers included Eli Barger (8th, 10:34.34), Blake Johnson (9th, 10:49.09), Jacob Brock (12th, 11:06.24), Jonah Sargent (21st, 12:05.06), Jayden Sargent (24th, 12:22.66), Levi Hensley (28th, 12:28.87), Zakk Collins (30th, 12:58.96), Carson Sanders (32nd,13:19.62), Sawyer Shackleford (34th, 13:46.78), Ryland Burke (35th, 13:49.81), Ben Crain (38th, 13:57.84), Carter Daniels (39th, 14:05.06), Hunter Evans (40th, 14:09.28), Jase Sargent (47th, 15:11.38), Hunter Asher (48th, 15:33.09), Jordan Sargent (49th, 15:38.03), Deacon Lisenbee (50th, 15:45.97) and Brayden Perkins (59th, 20:39.25).


Harlan’s elementary boys finished second overall. They were led by Thomas Cooper, who placed second and posted a time of 10:02.06. Micah Shope and Mason Raleigh finished 11th and 16th with times of 11:05.66 and 11:34.72, respectively. Other finishers for Harlan were Aiden Browning (18th, 11:46.69), Thomas Miller (20th, 11:49.81), Colt Sullivan (22nd, 12:12.31), Ben Parsons (27th, 12:26.62), Connor Thomas (36th, 13:55.00), Kelton Dean (37th, 13:57.02), Canaan Bolton (41st, 14:13.00), Kash Bailey (42nd, 14:16.93), Jett Luttrell (45th, 14:45.40), Justyce Young (51st, 15:46.56), Andrew Alred (52nd,16:24.81), Braxton Sizemore (56th, 17:29.50) and Finn Lemar (58th, 20:28.41).


Harlan’s Harper Carmical won the girls middle school race, with a time of 14:16.78. Juliana Damaa came in 17th, posting a time of 19:15.41.

Gracie Roberts led Harlan County, finishing second with a time of 15:38.00. Kiera Roberts and Autumn Farley finished seventh and 10th, posting times of 16:53.52 and 17:24.78, respectively.

Drew Sergent (12:55.62) came in fourth to lead Harlan County in the boys race. Kalob Stevens (15:09.75) finished 15th.

Michael Lindsey finished 27th with a time of 18:45.50 to lead Harlan, while Landon Traylor finished 37th with a time of 35:28.18.


Both teams to travel to Corbin on Saturday for the Lynn Camp Invitational.